Monday, March 14, 2011

My Storeroom surprise

My husband and I decided it was time to clean out out storeroom once more!  I am such a little hoarder, and sometimes I just have to get rid some of it! 

One of the last items we got to find,  under all sorts of bins and boxes was My Dad’s World War Two storage locker, in the top were the original stuffed Care Bears of my youngest sons nursery from 16 years ago ( see what I mean about being a bit of a hoarder?)  but I was taken aback some when I lifted the tray…..


I was so shocked to see my Dad’s uniform and jacket!

This was most likely his dress uniform for the National Guard,  he was in the Guard before WWII for a short time ( The Horse Calvary) and once the war was over up into the 1960’s until he got a medical discharge for Diabetes. I am sure that was a very hard day for my Dad.

IMG_2808 I would like to know what the patch is, perhaps artillery???? I will have to ask some of the vets in my park here. There were tiny holes all through the pants and jacket…

IMG_2797 There were no insects in my storage room, but I am sure somewhere along the line from Ohio to here, there was something munching on them!

Dad & Laurnie Miles during WW II, in bootcamp in Louisiana

This is my Dad on the left and his friend from Eau Claire, Laurnie Miles on the right, they were buddies forever!

Dad during WWII, boot camp in Louisiana

Check out this rifle, my brother still has it….we think this is in Alaska….

What just really touched me though, was the items in the white bag…..


A wonderful pillow sham that My dad must have got my Mom, …. it is silky and the fringe is beautiful, what a wonderful souvenir from that time in their lives!


I have to figure out how to get out the wrinkles, I want to put in a pillow form and have it on my guest bed….it was my folks bedroom suite.

He started basic in Louisiana at this Camp Beauregard and ended up towards the end of the war in Alaska….. and of course you have to get a souvenir from there!!!!


Now the issue is…..what do I do with this uniform????? I have no where to put it, I thought I would take come good photos, take all of the patches and buttons and such off and dispose of it properly…’s hard to think of doing that, but it is the logical thing to do. Does anyone know of the proper way to dispose of old uniforms, can you just thrown them away???? That really feels wrong!

I could see my Dad watching me opening that army chest, arms crossed over his chest, with a grin on his face, and my Mom standing behind him with that sweet smile of hers….forever young…..:):)

Charles and Lois Burgess circa WWII

Thanks for coming by….:)


  1. Sandy, I wonder if the holes are from the ribbons pinned to the uniform, or buttons on your close-up. It is perfectly even, that's why I'm saying that. (Can't understand abt. the pants tho.) Unfortunately, I have no suggestion as to what you should do with the uniform. That's a hard one, but whatever you decide, it will be right.

  2. Sandy, maybe you can cut the good parts out and use them to make a keepsake quilt? Or maybe a patchwork pillow? And leaving the patch in place on one of the pieces would look really nice, I think. Do you have any more of your father's clothes - sports coats, ties, that kind of thing? If so, you can use them too. Leslie Anne

  3. Sandy, have you considered framing the uniform in a shadow box type thing? While it might be expensive to have someone else build, you (depending on how handy you are) may be able to build one yourself to keep the uniform safe and continue to enjoy it. You may even want to include some of the photos or other memorabilia in the frame with it.

  4. Does your town have a Veterans Museum? They welcome old uniforms....especially if there is a story and picture that goes with it.