Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Long Time Ago….

My cousin was looking thru some old things of her mom’s and found this receipt from my great grand uncle.  He was a home decorator and contractor.  This is a receipt from a home he remolded in 1922…


Can you imagine????  Working for 85 cents an hour?????  Look at the phone number!  Work was hard then just like it is now.

My Aunt Goldie, the woman who kept this never threw anything away, and I am so thankful that she didn’t!  She also wanted future generations to know the connection and so she wrote this on the back;;;


Charles Reinhard was William’s brother and my great grandfather.  And she tried to put a little something like this on all of the items she kept.  Thank you Aunt Goldie, for thinking of all of us!

I am going to see if this family has descendants in Eau Claire or elsewhere so I can share it with them!

Happy New Year!  

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